Tua – An Ode to Myself

Anamika Dutta

Those little feet, big hair,

Mamma’s princess, Daddy’s only heir.

“She’ll become a prodigy”

Sharp eyes, tiny ears; see, she picked the pen,

Prophecy it seems,

Little head burdened with their big dreams.


The little princess fell sick,

She wouldn’t move, she couldn’t speak.

Sleepless nights spent by Mum,

Deranged, frightened and the lovers bond

Promise of a lifetime, vanished; gone.

Princess sickened; all mourned.


Almost a miracle, she came alive,

Smiled again and the happiness arrived,

But the nurturers didn’t let her out,

She stayed at home – days in, days out.

Princess longed to see the world- sparkly & new

Daddy said “no worries little one, let me bring it to you”


Little one’s all grown up now,

Gorgeous, jolly with all her quirks,

But she doesn’t understand the world,

She doesn’t know how it works.

She wants Baba to understand,

All her hopes & dreams and who she wants to become.


Princess waited for her King,

Oh! For the longest time.

Her faith faded to its tiniest brim.

Until she got out of the darkness in the tunnel,

She saw the World and its brightest light,

“Tua needs no one, she is her own knight.”

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