I’m not comfortable with anyone who’s not comfortable with my story

Anamika Dutta

Listen to the Spoken Word version of this poem


I’m not comfortable with anyone who’s not comfortable with my story.

Our stories make us who we are.

I was young, I was foolish, I was selfish, I was adamant, I was naïve, I was in love.

I was confused, I was terrified, I was threatened, I have been pushed and shoved.

I’m no longer comfortable with anyone who doesn’t want me for me,

I come packaged pretty with all my personalities,

And you have to learn to love it all.

It took me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin.

I learned to walk in my own shoes.

I learned to take it all in.

No, I won’t let you in…unless I know you’ll accept me.

There’ll be no judgments, there’ll be no “why did you do this?”

I have spent hours and hours trying to explain myself but I don’t owe any explanations.

I’ve learned them the hard way but I’ve learned my lessons.

No! I won’t show you how vulnerable I can get unless I know I won’t be taken advantage of.

There was a time I would fall hard and fast,

But I won’t fall now if I don’t think it’ll last.

You won’t be in my life if you don’t know my place.

I’ll know the right one this time because I’ve seen the wrong one’s face.

So many women are just afraid to be who they are,

They’re afraid to speak out thinking “I don’t want to sound crazy and lame”

Oh! Darling, think what you’d like, I won’t be one of them.

I bear my scars with so much pride,

After all that, I have only love in my heart and 

I will be, one day, the perfect bride.

But, no! I’m never going to be comfortable with anyone who is not comfortable with my stories.

My stories make me who I am,

If you don’t want to understand them,

Well, then you’re not worth giving a damn!


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