I’m a dreamer who eventually tries to paint her dreams on a piece of paper. Touched by subtle imagination, approved by intemperate reality.

Anamika is an alumna of the University of Mumbai, she graduated in 2019 with a master’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism. Her BA major was English Literature. She’s passionate about Art, Photography & Culture. Anamika is an Angel Investor for Indian women entrepreneurs; she’s closely associated/involved with a number of humanitarian movements that she structures as “merely following my mother’s footsteps”. She currently resides in Mumbai, India but often travels to satisfy her wanderlust. She paints in her free time, enjoys hiking quite a lot, and aspires to summit Mt. Everest one day. Check out her Podcast where she performs Spoken Word Poetry – Spoken Word by Anamika on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts

The posts contain short stories, poems, articles dealing with life, love, laughter, and often, logic; sometimes defined by my own life’s stories. Written from personal experiences or out of various inspirations there are; it’s a masquerade of conscience and consciousness.

These are original literary works by the author, Anamika Dutta. Using the content (images, text, audio, video) without her permission or giving her credit is strictly prohibited and will come under plagiarism.

You can write to me at anamikadutta@icloud.com