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“If you were a Money Heist character, what would be your city name? Have you ever thought of that?”

Of course, I have! That’s the first thing I had thought of.

Even before falling slightly in love with Sergio,

Before being absolutely mesmerized by Fonollosa,

Before countlessly cursing Silene and her lover,

I knew my city name. I didn’t even have to think it over.

I would be called Florence.

Fascinatingly fantastic! Quiet but charming,

Florence is aware of her beauty yet she’s modest.

Dressed in floral gowns & summer dresses,

Florence wears kitten heels while her loose tresses,

Remain wild, exuding the smell of the freshest lilies, soothing and mild.

Her giggles – there’s a tone to it, it’s like the tinkle of a bell,

Florence would keep all her secrets within her shell.

“What would Florence be good at?”

Well, she’s tiny so she can hide in any place she wants,

But create a ruckus when the time comes.

Intricately detailed, her mind must be filled with information,

You know how roaming around in Firenze is always a history lesson,

Some art here, some sculpture there,

More fountains than land,

With architecture, Florence would have the upper hand.

She’d be great with buildings and ceilings,

She’d be great with negotiations and dealings,

Don’t you think so?

Florence is the kind of girl with a freak in her,

But, nobody knows except her lover,

Florence is the kind of girl who doesn’t give up,

Florence has got many tricks up her sleeve,

You just have to observe and believe.

Florence would be an excellent addition to the team.

They need me, I’m telling you,

They need me.

Florence is perfect; she has to be.

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