The New World

Listen to the Spoken Word version of this Poem


The New World is uncertain.

I hope it will be kind.

We know that it will be different,

After all that we’ve been through,

After everything that’s on our mind.

The New World must be loving,

We need more of that,

The new world must accept people

For who they truly are.

I hope in the new world,

People will pause to smell the flowers,

People will let the breeze caress their face,

People will let the sand in their shoes,

People will let the waves wash it away.

I hope in the new world people will understand,

There’s nothing greater than love.

In the new world, people will smile at strangers,

People will wave and say “Hi”

I hope the new world won’t be such a bad place,

I hope people will not lie.

In the new world, there will be more pets for sure,

We will all be parents.

In the new world, people will love to dance and sing the night away.

In the new world, people will hold hands a little tighter,

I feel the sun will shine a bit brighter,

Oh! The air in the new world must feel lighter,

Because we all didn’t breathe for so long,

In the new world, we will make up for all the tears shed,

We have learned our lessons of taking things for granted.

In the new world, we will be fair to all,

Oh Boy! The New World sounds to be more dystopian,

The New World seems far from reality,

Nothing we have ever seen, none at all.


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