You’re Not Alone


Listen to the Spoken Word version of this poem


To those who are alone during this lockdown,
I’m one of you.
So, I know how it feels like waking up just to go back to sleep,
I know how it feels to check Twitter obsessively,
I know what it feels like to miss someone, anyone; him around me.
We’ve become extremely independent because we’ve learned to live with ourselves,
We respect our privacy and the peace that comes with it.
I mean thank God I don’t have children but still,
All this pretending comes to an end.
I know I’ll tear up by the evening after watching all the puppy videos and people with their families,
Waking up with him, making breakfast, laughing at each other’s jokes,
By the time we decided on which movie to watch,
We’d be asleep in each other’s arms,
Just thoughts and memories,
I know, it’s the same story- for you, for me, for everyone who’s alone right now!
Yes, we all need someone.
We can’t fly to our parents whenever we want,
It’s a risk that we don’t want to take,
So we wait, we keep waiting for God’s sake,
Does this even have an end?
When will everyone heal and the world will mend?
This pandemic has taught us survival,
Even though it’s not the end, we’re battling ourselves constantly, our depression & anxiety.
Just know that you’re not alone.
There’s nothing right or wrong during this time,
We’re all survivors on our own but,
We’re in this together.
So, reach out, reach out to people you can call ‘home’


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