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I wanna live where the stories are!

I don’t wanna live in a world without stories!

I want to make people feel,

I want to make people dream,

I want them to smile, to chuckle,

I want them to feel overwhelmed,

Just as I feel after watching “The Lion King”


Can you imagine a world without stories?

People don’t talk about them and their lives,

There’s no inspiration.

It’s so dark and gloomy,

It’s pointless and mechanical,

It lacks warmth and it’s so dull,

I can’t live in a world without stories!


Don’t you wanna know?

How that cute couple met each other?

Maybe they met in a restaurant or a museum or maybe, a dating app, who knows?

I want to know!

Do you not wanna know the story about the young boy who once had nothing but created an entire empire?

Do you wanna know the story of the young girl who sat by her bedroom window and imagined stories,

Oh! Boy, all the stories!


There’s so much to tell.

There’s heartbreak, there’s success,

There’s overcoming one’s loneliness,

There are soulmates and there’s someone who betrays,

But, all the stories that we learn from…

Don’t you wanna know?

Oh, how far we’ve come! I can’t live in a world without stories!


We’re constantly reminded how we don’t matter,

It’s a big, big world and we are just a tiny, tiny part of it,

But, I believe in you,

I believe that you have a story to tell,

That can change someone’s life!

I believe that your story matters!

Forget what they say, don’t mind! After all, it’s only your stories that you leave behind!

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