You’re Worthy of Being Loved – How I Fell in Love with Myself Again


About Anamika Dutta:

Anamika is an alumna of the University of Mumbai. She’s a Researcher, Podcaster, Spoken Word Artist, and Writer. Her Podcast Spoken Word by Anamika, where she performs Spoken Word, focuses on healing through poetry and storytelling; it’s currently available on more than twenty platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. Anamika believes in turning bad experiences into life lessons; a constant learner, she always thrives on being creatively active. She’s an avid reader and traveler as well.

Talk Description:

Watch the TEDx Talk Here

Surrounded by numerous constructs, we’re often troubled by others’ and our own judgments and evaluations about ourselves. Growing up without an emotionally available father, homeschooled, and lonely, I was also a part of unfortunate circumstances of being in several abusive relationships in my adulthood. My last relationship with a narcissist shattered my perception of being viewed as worthy of love. I started to believe that I didn’t deserve to be loved; I am not enough. After losing my self-esteem, I never quite thought that I’d get over what had just happened to me. Building myself up took a lot of courage, determination, motivation, and dedication. Seeing the worst side of life, fighting anorexia, self-doubts, anxiety disorder, and depression had shackled me entirely. Still, I followed the steps to freedom and self-empowerment to reach where I am today. This talk is about regaining my self-confidence to help others feel empowered because we’re all just stuck in our own minds, and all we need is just a push.

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