Au Revoir 2020


What a year it has been…
What a year it has been!!!
I know, I know, crazy, surreal?
Let me think about it for a second,
No, I don’t really have words for it,
All I can say is
What a year it has been.

We earned some, we lost a lot,
We learned some about viruses and what not!
God! What a year it has been!
It wasn’t what we expected, then again, where’s the fun in that?
Yes, it was tragic but can we please move past that?
We can’t change what has already happened,
Most of it wasn’t in our hands but we held on and we made it,

Here you are and here I am!
Always remember, you win some, you lose some.
What a year it has been,
It was as if nothing is happening and everything is happening at the same time,
It was as if it doesn’t make any sense but it makes all the sense at the same time,
What a year it has been,
It tested our tolerance to everything good and pushed our boundaries in a continuous loop,
But somehow we all pulled through.
Oh! What a year it has been.

2020 was crushing it but it didn’t crush my dreams,
I told 2020, I know you have nothing to give,
But just you see, in 2020, this girl will live and so I did.
I lived.
I loved.
I prayed.
I survived.
I cried.
I tried.
I pushed.
I shoved.
I learned.
I lost.
I earned but at what cost?

I believe in hope,
I believe in new beginnings,
2021 is going to be better and we shall remember the strange year of 2020 where we learned so much about ourselves,
We learned to be grateful,
We learned to be happy with ourselves,
We learned that not much in this world matters,
Best things in life are for free,
We don’t really need much to live,
Nothing’s gonna last an eternity,
And family … Oh, how it can be!!!
What a year it has been!

Au Revoir 2020

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