Spoken Word By Anamika

I Forgive You – Open Letter to My Ex Spoken Word by Anamika

"I am someone who was in silence for over 30 years; been through 19 years of an abusive marriage, being bullied at school at a young age and sexually molested by someone I trusted. Given every reason to turn dark but I chose to be the light and became the super confident coach that I am today." – Martha Mok guides women who may have had a similar experience as she did, being in an abusive marriage, bullied at school at a young age and sexually molested by someone she trusted, to find themselves again by not letting their past hold them back. She creates super confident women. Martha is known as the super confidence coach, International motivational speaker, multiple business owner, entrepreneur, multi-award-winning international makeup artist & hairstylist and author. She coached in the areas of life, business, self-worth, and relationships. Her speciality is empowering new coaches to run their profitable coaching businesses. By using her knowledge and personal experiences, she empowers others to improve their life situation to achieve happiness by unlocking their potential from within. Opting for different strategies to unlock their fears and barriers, allows them to find the strength to face their challenges.  Her mission is: No woman should suffer in silence. Connect with Martha — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/anamika-dutta/support
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One day I’ll read out loud all the paragraphs I typed but didn’t send

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