Life Lessons in Your Late 20’s


Some things never get easier and ‘life’ is one of them. It’s challenges after challenges, failure, hardships, a lot of trouble, and what not? We often wish for a guide-book that would teach us adulting. It doesn’t look as promising as it did when we were kids. It is redundant to cry over things we can’t control, rather, we have to learn to embrace the change. Late 20’s is a difficult time for anyone because we can no longer make excuses; we have to start being more responsible and take accountability for the things we do.

Here are the life lessons in your late 20’s that you ought to learn! The ones I’ve learned the hard way.

  1. You’re still going to struggle with basic adult stuff but it’s absolutely ‘okay’ to ask for help.
  2. You realize that some of the daydreams are not going to come true and you have to make your peace with it.
  3. You’re going to have fewer people; the circle only gets smaller with age but if you have just one whom you can trust with your life & finances, that’s enough!
  4. Love is trial and error but it’s not complicated, it’s fairly simple.
  5. You’re confused, anxious, sad…a lot! It’s because you’re learning to process things and you understand concepts. The world isn’t a nice place, it’s not fair nor just.
  6. Happiness comes from within. If you have to depend on anything or anyone to be happy then it’s ‘comfort’, not happiness.
  7. Money can’t buy happiness nor love, it buys you comfort.
  8. Your insecurities go wild from time to time and that’s perfectly normal.
  9. You realize the value of your family, at the same time you have to prepare yourself to live in a world without them.

Just remember one thing,

  1. You can start over at any age. It only gets courage and determination. Always go after what you believe in; it’s okay to make mistakes but it’s not okay to give up!

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