Mr. Dates

Anamika Dutta

One of the things I miss during this lockdown,

Apart from going to the gym and of course being able to walk into any Starbucks and order one Café Latte, Vanilla flavored & 2% milk, grande,

And of course, doing my hair so that I can keep their desire locked into my locks,

I also miss putting on my dresses and walk around like I own the block,

Donning, flaunting my itty bitty waist and soft, small hips and humble breasts,

My cherry red lipstick, making them want me more,

I miss going to the spa; lying down without a care in the world,

And of course, getting my nails done,

I miss Mr. Dates.

Mr. Dates would take me out in his fancy car,

Mr. Dates would buy me flowers and a mocktail by the bar,

Mr. Dates would call me the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.

I miss going out with Mr. Dates because he is the best.

Mr. Dates understands if I’m in mood for some Asian or wholesome Italian,

Mr. Dates only takes me to the best of restaurants, you see!

Mr. Dates lets me be who I want to be.

Because he has seen the freak in me.

It comes out when it’s dimly lit,

It comes out when we’re resting by the beach,

It’s there in the room, higher floor, hard to reach.

Yes, Mr. Dates knows it all and he admires how I break and fall.

Mr. Dates and I would often go out on our nocturnal adventures,

Roaring in the city, causing havoc, a bit of trouble,

Everything’s grand with Mr. Dates and when I’m by his side, make it double.

Mr. Dates is a connoisseur of fine whiskey & wine,

I know because I break the bottles from time to time.

Oh! Mr. Dates and I were having a gala time before everything fell apart.

You see, Mr. Dates doesn’t have much time left in the world,

I would love to be by his side to see it all,

“The beginning of the end” as he’d call,

Mr. Dates and I together will take the fall.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Dates

  1. seems like Mr. dates was what your life used to revolved around before the pandemic. it’s cute.


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