Anamika Dutta

Sharp, edgy like her glances,

She swiftly moves her seductive eyes to the other corner of the room,

Trying to hold back her desires.

Soft, round like her voice that can melt his heart.

“What do we do tonight, my lover,

Where do we go?

How much time do you need to explore,

The taste of my love?”

Parallel, undivided like her touch,

His head placed between her thighs,

Her moans fill the lousy air,

The taste of heaven on his tongue,

As he licks her lines,

Lines that cover her,

All of her!

And as she smiles in the end of it all,

The lines drawn on his back,

Straight, crooked, reddish,

Was it a fight or a bargain,

The night’s not over yet,

Poor lover, he wants to go all over again.

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