My Song

Anamika Dutta

The momentum – solemn stillness holds,

Lifting up my spirits, high,

High above the blue sky; in form of rays from the Sun,

It shimmers like a thousand fireflies,

Up, high above the sky.

 I hear the sound of solitude, ringing into my ears;

Telling me the tales of love,

Almost impossible to recognize my own petulant self,

I have walked alone, walked through the path all in vain,

I had doubts about myself,

Now I’m far away from being numb, yet I’ve become,

Free from an upsurge of emotions.

Walking around without an aim, without an understanding of who I am,

As soon as I close my eyes, I can see the clear blue skies,

I can almost taste it with my tongue.

The more I explore and unravel

My soul’s journey on this Earth

I discover a clearer concept of its purpose

It sings a song, a melody so profound,

I get lost in its loving sound

Why am I here, what have I done so far?

Oh! How I long to see his beautiful bright face,

Not being too far from my first home

It’s all still a notion yet,

After a weary day, it’s the only way to put my soul to rest.

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