Anamika Dutta

I’ve lived my life around waves,

Yet I’ll drown in them.

I’ve learned to love around waves,

Yet I can’t trust them.

See, how they break their ways on the shore,

Like my heart on the mend.

Their calmness haunts me till this day

And I get shivers due to their roars.

Waves tell me things-

Where he was, what he has been doing.

Waves often play with my mind,

Because they know I’m love bound,

I want to be lost, I don’t want to be found.

They listen to my tales,

They want to give back all that has been taken from me,

They show me his face, does it ring any bells?

Waves can be delusional and deceiving.

I could be anywhere right now,

Dead or living.

Waves call my name-

“Come closer to us, we’ll take you afar,

No, don’t look back! What you’re searching for is right here”

I’ll give in to the waves one day!

Not now. I have much left to say!

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