Anamika Dutta

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I met you on a starlit night,

Under the glistening beams of a half-faced Luna.

I knew we were meant to be,

It was as if the stars aligned and brought you closer to me.

Roma, I fell in love with you,

Will you stay with me?

As our vibes met, I could sense eternity,

I must have been closer to you in the past life or something, I know I sound crazy but will you just look at yourself?

You stunning beauty; every part of you is a treasure to be found whether I look within you or I dig around.

Roma, you are incredible and I want you to know that.

I will always come around, you can’t push me back.

You remember our first date by the colosseum, I was shivering and you giggled at me like I was some fool,

Expecting the Sun and the clouds on a Mid May blue.

Roma, you took me by surprise,

Your night was quiet and calm but the morning bustles were like the perfect storm.

I know you have lovers from all over the world and you don’t care much about me and I will keep writing poems about you and fancy you through eternity but we’re destined to be together, Roma, can’t you see?

You’re the love of my life and you will always be.

I hide your pictures in between pages

I can smell your perfume as soon as I close my eyes,

I miss your hues and your clear blue skies.

I miss everything about you, Roma, be mine.

I know I sound selfish.

I can’t save those dates with lovers you wine and dine

Roma, you have to understand-

Nobody can love you the way I can.

Okay! I won’t lose my sanity but you have to promise me,

We’ll be together again under the brightest Sun and your picaresque scenery 

We’ll be holding hands and we’ll share our moments of love and you will kiss me …

When I’ll touch your old walls,

When I’ll lie on your grass

When I’ll see you for who you are.

They came and they broke you, that’s what they always do, trust me, Roma, I understand.

They want to take everything away from you and they want to conquer you, control you because they think they can but I won’t be one of them I promise.

I’m not like those Kings and Queens and Gods and Goddesses, I’m just me

I just admire your beauty.

You can be whoever you want to be with me.

I won’t break your walls, I won’t search for gold

I just want to lie down with you 

I just want to be wrapped up in you.

They all want a piece of you but I just want peace in you.

Write me back, okay? I’ll wait.

Roma, I love you!


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