What is Love?


What is love?
I feel like I’ve always been in love with the idea of being loved,
Do I really know what love is?
I know for sure that it’s not the big things because I’ve had them,
I didn’t quite feel loved.
I crave the little things,
Just someone I can talk to,
Someone I can be myself with unapologetically,
Someone who accepts me and all shades of me,
Someone I can go on walks with,
Someone I can share my stories with,
Someone I can cook with,
Well it’s mostly he cooks and I keep him company,
Someone who can hold me close and tell me that he’s mine,
Is that love? Or affection? Or the desire to be loved?
I don’t know what love is because I’ve felt it in my bones,
I have always envisioned this idea of someone, somewhere meant for me but is that all what love is?
Will there ever be one who sits down and tells me –
“Tell me everything, I wanna know all about you”
Someone who’ll appreciate me and all my quirks too,
Someone who can’t wait to talk to me,
The cherry on my cake,
The best of the bests,
Different from the rest,
We’ll hold hands and share our journey,
He’ll be my partner in crime,
We’ll be soulmates for heaven’s sake,
He’ll make me happier than I am but won’t ever let me forget that he’s only the cherry but I’m the whole freaking cake!

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