If i woke up in paris again


If I woke up in Paris again,
Things…would be different,
Before the bakery’s aroma wake my senses up,
I’d rather be wrapped up in your smell.
If I woke up in Paris again,
It’d be nice, a little of your sugar and a lot of my spice,
Bébé, can we wake up together?
Before the Sun can say “bonjour”,
A quick run to the beach, kiss, bathing in the ocean,
Leaving our clothes on the shore.
If I woke up in Paris again,
We wouldn’t miss the moon,
We’d lock ourselves in your room,
Dusk to dawn, morn to noon.
If I woke up in Paris again,
I promise we’d take turns,
I wouldn’t run errands or make trips to Champs-Élysées,
But…just in case, you know me, perhaps I should keep the keys.
Oh! How I wish I could wake up in Paris again,
Right now, today!
I’d never wanna leave our home,
Vous et moi, nous; we’d be all smiles and I’d hide my past,
All that’s forgotten and gone,
Even though I know in my heart,
I should’ve never left Rome.

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