Why Me?


Listen to the Spoken Word version of this poem


Why me?

A question I ask myself often these days.

I ponder, I wonder, I sit idle.

I shed tears every now and then,

Even though I know, all my tears are in vain.

Why me?

I’ve never done wrong to anyone,

I’ve never wished anyone bad.

Yes, I’ve had my moments where I wasn’t very graceful but I have feelings,

They were hurt,

I was angry and sad and disappointed because I had loved,

I had loved the people who hurt me,

But why me?

Why does it have to be me?

If things went right, I would have been in a different place,

If we were right, I’d have my little family,

Our little one but he wasn’t who I thought he was and I was wrong,

But, I was moving on, I was being strong,

So why me?

Why am I always the one to bear the pain?

Why can I not be happy?

Just for once, for God’s sake, I deserve it,

I deserve to be happy,

I deserve to be loved.

Can someone please tell me, why is it always me?

I’ve been trying to figure it out since I was born.

I’ve always done it right,

Played by the rules,

Loved with all my heart,

Yet I was made a fool.

It’s me; it’s always me!

I guess I’m just too easy to mold,

All the things I’ve been told,

All the lies I had to hold,

All the people who were cold…to me.

For once, I want to have what everyone does,

I don’t want to be the unlucky one,

I want to feel wanted,

I want to feel chosen,

Just for once, I don’t want to wake up asking myself “why me?”

I want to embrace it all and just…be.

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