X & Y

X & Y

Listen to the Spoken Word version of this poem


Clustered. They’re bundled in pairs.

Shapeless, forming numerous layers,

Of cognitive notions that are beyond my reach,

Defiantly, the randomness of life and death,

Whether we make it out alive or we die,

We’re trying to untangle the X and Y.

Wailing, amidst the dandelions,

Scattered. The strand of unruly thoughts,

Gulf that consumed me and it stayed in between,

My consciousness evoked a familiar disagreement,

One that prevailed for eras and ages,

Set me free and put me in cages.

Leaves, dreams, hears the coo,

The sounds in my head and the sounds around too,

Closer to my ear, it’s not too long,

Summer breath and the cuckoo’s last song,

All your reasons and my patience lie,

You’re the X and I’m the reason why.

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