What Now

Death Flowers

Hyperventilating in the middle of the night,

What now?

I’m not giving up without a fight.

Paused life; off track,

Always been a hard nut to crack.

So broken, heart’s carved out,

Anguished by self-doubt.

What now?

What else is left to bear?

Death-toll is all I can hear.

Have I reached my destination?

No matter how much I try to reach,

Buried deep under allegations,

Life’s a lie.

What now?

What new are you going to tell me?

I’ve seen all the things that you can be.

Nothing’s now but the time,

Truth’s bitter but sublime.

Take charge now or let go,

Speed it up or take it slow,

Stop the fool’s act, don’t be naïve,

You can never make it out alive.

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