We, Now

We Now

Listen to the Spoken Word version of this poem


We don’t wake up to start a new day anymore,

We wake up to go back to bed, again.

We don’t remember which day it is anymore,

We are slowly losing the concept of time.

We’re imprisoned in our own homes,

We’re captive of our own minds.

We don’t smile, we don’t run,

We keep staring at the clock and time goes by.

We no longer know what we are waiting for.

We don’t have a cure nor a clue.

We don’t know what lies before.

We don’t know what we miss anymore,

We don’t know who we want,

We don’t know whether we’re red or blue.

Now’s the time.

Now’s the time to write those letters,

Now’s the time to send those mails.

Now’s the time to fall in love with yourself again.

Now’s the time to unravel and unwind,

Now’s the time to be kind,

Now’s the time to have faith.

Now’s the time to speak your mind.

Now’s the time you think and reflect,

Now’s the time to pause and create,

Now’s the time to stop pushing aside your feelings.

Now’s the time to stop being afraid.

Now’s the time to let them know, let your love show!

Now’s the time, my dear; if not now, then when?

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