Cold Talk

Cold Talk

“Why do I need to grow old”

My little self asked the gray-haired man.

“So that you can be strong,

Do what everyone else can.”

Have you done much?

“As much as I could, if only,

I could hold time…”

Why can we not?

“So that moonbeams can caress you every night,

And the Sun can shine”

Is it a long journey;

Where are we going?

“To meet them halfway”

Meet whom?

“Those who have left home,

You ought to be knowing”

You mean my Parents?

Why did they leave?

“Well, they had no choice,

But to run errands”

But they never came back…

“They have been taken my dear”

Taken where? To whom?

“Too many questions child,

It’s time to sleep”

You promised me to tell the truth.

“There are no promises I keep,

Hush now, close your eyes”

I turned my face away from him,

Sleeping in the dungeon,

Years and years deep.

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